Blue Submarine no.6 'Time & Tide' - English Translation for Sega Dreamcast

Project completed! English translation for the Blue Submarine no.6 ~Time & Tide~ (青の6号) for the awesome SEGA Dreamcast console is ready to download.
Blue Submarine No. 6: Time & Tide is an post-apocalyptic underwater-exploration game with rpg elements and not-linear adaventure. Developed by SEGA and released for the Dreamcast in 7 Dec. 2000. In DC edition we follows the exploits of a deep-sea salvage crew as they recover treasure.
The game includes FMV animation by Gonzo, a renowned anime studio responsible for the original OVA and music perfomed by famous band - The Thrill. The game features characters from the anime like Tetsu Hayami or Verg. If you've never see it - don't forget to watch the old trailer and the iconic Anime!

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 Localization Team :

 - project head, translation, implementation, hack, graphics, DUB&sound, web
RafaMGam - lead translator
, playtester
esperknight - romhacker & text implementation specialist
Eyl - play test, bug reports

  Download links :

Patch Files+Readme : Download Link | .GDI : Download Link | Low-Res .CDI : Download Link
Manual : Download Link  | Ao6 Dricas Website Archive+DLC : Click Here | Tools : Download Link | UniversalDreamcastPatcher : Link

  B6 News :

26.11.2020 - We did it!
The patch has been released! Happy 22nd birthday to the SEGA Dreamcast console and the 20th anniversary of the game's release. I prepared two versions of CDI images - with low-res movies to use & burn on CD and hi-res version of movies for emulators and ODE like GDEMU. I am also enclosing a package of all the hacking/editing tools that may be useful to you in your projects. Enjoy!
Remember that you can also download additional DLC, visit the archived Dricas portal and take advantage of the bonuses located in the game's built-in website(!).

5.11.2020 - Release date
All audio dialogues have been recorded and mixed! Time for final cosmetic corrections and preparation of two versions of FMV (low-res quality to fit on a CD, and for emulators and ODEs like GDEMU).  I also add a bonuses and translated VMU in final version. Watch the latest video test Patch premiere ~ December 2020.

27.10.2020 - Final turn...
Currently, the project has entered the beta testing phase and final corrections! Thanks to Eyl, who took up this task and knows the game very well.
Additionally, RafaMGam has finished translating all audio dialogues!
So it was time to choose the right TTS voice and I started recording all the sequences, mixing them and matching them to the org. audio dialogues. Keep fingers crossed!

17.09.2020 - Beta test
Many people ask - "the project is still in progress?" Yes, of course. As it turns out, the project turned out to be much bigger than I thought at the beginning. In addition, there are daily duties such as work or family. However, I hope that the first playable version will appear this year. 
Corrections of the last and largest 1ST_READ.BIN text file are currently underway. We are also soon starting the first beta tests of the entire game with the translation implemented. Now, we have only problematic audio dialogues scenes, without subtitles left for translation...

24.04.2020 - Something special!
For all fans. The project is ongoing. I have already finished editing all the graphics available in the game. Esperknight tries to increase the amount of text that can be included in the dialogues. And finally... a surprise! RafaGam has prepared a full translation of the entire game manual. You can download the PDF file from this link. New video test :

20.03.2020 - New knight on the horizon!
Esperknight joined the our team. He is a specialist in romhacking and text implementation known e.g. from the Napple Tale & Shikigami no Shiro projects. Thanks to him, the works moved forward strongly and manual changes were automated. Thank you!

16.02.2020 - Hidden gem!
Hidden debug menu for 青の6号 Blue Submarine No.6 - Time And Tide is found by Eyl! The controller combination is found on a Japanese discussion board. You can use this ex. in dock : ↑↓←→↓↑→←←→↓↑→←↑ L,R,L,R,L,R

31.01.2020 - Progress...

80% of all movies is now have subtitles and decoded to Dreamcast SFD format. We also finished translating and extracting all graphics from the game! The manual implementation of the text remains to be started (here we are looking for romhackers using ATLAS etc) and spoken audio dialogues.

10.11.2019 - Dricas webpage revive!

Today, the Japanese Dricas site dedicated to Blue Submarine no.6 has been restored! Bonus DLC for VMU are now available to dowload from web! Website adress :

30.09.2019 - Project page starts!

Due to the very high commissions from the subsidies, I decided to opt out of this website and created my own subpage on my portal. Alternatively, donations will only be available on PayPal.

20.09.2019 First video from beta test work!

We test FMV movies and subtitles, graphics and the first dialogues. A great start - everything works! Link to video :

27.08.2019 We have it!
RafaGam has finished translating all texts available in the game scenario! The slow implementation of the English text remained (hex restrictions on the number of characters) is planed after end work with gfx and movies.

30.07.2019 Website and game manual.
Project starts! We plan to translate the instructions for the game and revive the Blue Submarine no.6 Dricas website + VMU bonus saves.

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